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EA:TO About Us

We have three major goals: To improve public school funding. To enrich the democracy of public school governance. And to encourage and develop curriculum and pedagogy that genuinely engages our students and teachers in building better societies and communities. We want human purposes, not “human capital,” to be the guiding spirit of our schools.

With these goals in mind, we are currently involved in four interrelated activities:

  • Building policies with our parents, teachers, students, communities and the broader labour movement that can move these goals forward at our local boards and the provincial government.
  • Organizing – with local partners — at the neighbourhood school and Ward/Constituency level to strengthen the democracy of our local schools and to build a grassroots base for political action and for the future development of Education Action Toronto.
  • Putting together a network of education activists from a wide variety of backgrounds to help communities and citizens engage in political action at all levels of the education system (local, district board, province) including involvement in both school board and provincial elections.
  • Finally, building a communications network that keeps us all connected. We hope that what we do here in Toronto eventually finds like-minded partners throughout Ontario.


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