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The Education Workers’ Union

The schools can’t run without us. Every school has at least three or four of us. Some schools may have fifty of us and we outnumber the teachers. When you think of someone who works in a school, the first person that jumps to mind probably isn’t a caretaker, secretary, bus driver or education assistant.


Testing: An essential tool in the capitalist organization of schooling in the USA

Monty Neill worked at FairTest in Boston for more than 20 years, “striving to change the types and uses of standardized testing in the public schools of the United States.” His paper here deals with testing and evaluation in the U.S., what he calls “another undesirable ‘gift’ from the U.S. to the rest of the world.”

This began as a paper delivered at the Red-SEPA/IDEA conference, Mexico City, February 18-20, 2009, and has subsequently been expanded and developed by the author.


The Illusory Solution

In February 2009 the Toronto District School Board changed its policy to allow increased corporate sponsorship of various school activities. While this might seem to be a relatively minor change in policy, it is in fact a sea-change in relations between schools and commercial interests, with long term implications for the kind of education that will be experienced by kids, teachers and parents.


TDSB Budget 2009 – It’s not the budget shortfall that matters; it’s the education shortfall

The Toronto District School Board has just cut somewhere in the
neighbourhood of $30 million from its 2009-2010 operating budget.
The savagery of these cuts is primarily the result of a flawed
provincial funding formula introduced by Mike Harris and continued in
its essentials by Dalton McGuinty. In these notes, Hugh Mackenzie
outlines just how destructive this formula has been, especially for
large urban boards like the TDSB. He also proposes some key principles
which must govern the TDSB respond to this funding crisis.


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